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Download the Tab Auto Refresh extension for opera Browser add-ons store. Tab Auto Refresh extension latest version 0.1.8 free Download and use it.



Tab Auto Refresh extension Download for Opera

I will Discus the Tab Auto Refresh extension for opera. Installing the Tab Auto Refresh extension only requires you to visit the dedicated section for the Opera extensions store. Also, Tab Auto Refresh extension latest version 0.1.8 for opera browser Free Download and install now. Opera browser provides Open source add-ons code for every user.

Tab Auto Refresh extension for opera

However, I have been using Different versions of opera for about 10 years. I can say that its many features. Opera extension is very helpful for customizing and developing every work.

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Tab Auto Refresh extension download

Tab Auto Refresh extensions Features

Tab Auto Refresh is an Opera addon that helps you automatically reload tabs of your choice.

In order to operate with this addon, please open toolbar popup UI while you are visiting a website. Adjust time interval in seconds (i.e. 120 sec) and you are all set. Selected tab will be reloaded based on the interval you just set.

Please note reloading occurs based on tab URL not tab ID or domain. If you want to stop the current “reload” task, please press on the “stop” button at top left corner in toolbar popup UI. Alternatively, you can set the interval to 0 which is equal to stop function.

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If you have many tabs reloading and do not want to visit each tab to clear the reloading task, please open toolbar popup UI and press on the “reset” (top right) button to do so. This button serves as a global reset button and clears the reloading task for all tabs.

In order to report bugs, please visit addon’s homepage ( and fill the bug report form.


In conclusion, It is Normally a Good idea to stick to the Opera Browser extension store. Whenever you have To download and install the extension on the opera add-ons web store. The Opera addons store generally works well. Moreover, The extension is guaranteed to be safe but on the rare occasion, the store may be down, or you’re restricted from using it,


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Emma Emily


Hello! My name is Emma Emily. I am an engineer and Blogger. I want to share my experience and important points that are needed when starting any Opera extension information

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