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Vertical Tabs

By kroppy

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Download the Vertical Tabs extension for opera Browser add-ons store. Vertical Tabs extension latest version 1.8.8 free Download and use it.



Vertical Tabs extension Download for Opera

Firstly, the Vertical Tabs extension for opera is an attractive and very useful opera browser add-ons. Installing the Vertical Tabs add-on only requires you to visit the dedicated section for the Opera extensions store. Also, Vertical Tabs extension by kroppy latest version 1.8.8 for opera browser Free Download and install now. Opera browser provides Open source add-ons code for every user.

Vertical Tabs extension for opera

However, I have been using Different versions of opera for about 10 years. I can say that its many features. Opera extension is very helpful for customizing and developing every work.

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Vertical Tabs extension download

Vertical Tabs extensions Features

This is extended version of my Simple Vertical Tabs extension.
You can categorize your tabs in groups, suspend groups, multiple select tabs with shift and control keys, drag and drop them at once.

Tips and tricks:
– If you loose groups, don’t worry, go to options and load last auto backup, but you have to hurry, because new backup will overwrite previous groups in 10 minutes!
– To create a new group press little + icon, or drag some tabs directly to it and dragged tabs will be moved to newly created group.
– When you drag tabs to + icon, the newly created group will try to get color from the favicon of the first dragged tab.
– To add tabs to group, drag and drop to group on the left.
– To remove tabs from group, drop tabs between + icon and first group.

– If there is empty space on tab list or pin list, double click to create a new tab.
– Use Ctrl key and click on tabs to toggle selection.
– Use Shift key and click to select tabs from the active to the clicked tab.
– Hoover over tabs or pinned tabs, and press Ctrl+a to select all tabs.
– Hoover over tabs or pinned tabs, and press Ctrl+i to invert selection.

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– Remove group does not close the tabs, it moves them to uncategorized group, there is a separate option in menu for that.
– To remove group with its tabs, press shift and click on the group, but you must be sure that sidebar is active, just click on anything in sidebar before doing this.

– To rename group, you can double click on groups labels, or select “Rename” from group menu.
– To scroll to your search result click on arrows beside the searchbox. It will scroll to the first found tab.


– To de-select tabs click on empty space below tabs or beside pinned tabs, or eventually select all tabs with ctrl+a and invert selection with ctrl+i.

In conclusion, It is Normally a Good idea to stick to the Opera Browser extension store. Whenever you have To download and install the extension on the opera add-ons web store. The Opera addons store generally works well. Moreover, The extension is guaranteed to be safe but on the rare occasion, the store may be down, or you’re restricted from using it,


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Emma Emily


Hello! My name is Emma Emily. I am an engineer and Blogger. I want to share my experience and important points that are needed when starting any Opera extension information

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Version: 1.8.8
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5/5 (1 ratings)

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