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Find The Click&Clean extension for opera web and mobile Browser. Also, Click&Clean add-ons Latest version Free Download Opera Extensions store. Opera browser used by millions of people around the world.



Click&Clean extension Download for Opera

Smart and high-speed web browsing; opera is ranked among the top browsers in the world. Although, the Click&Clean extension for opera has many amazing features in this unique web and mobile browser. Deletes typed URLs, Cache, Cookies, your Download, and Browsing History…instantly, with just one 1-click on the Click&Clean button! Click&Clean is an innovative and totally free solution for your PC, Mac or Chromebook, that will help you to: Maybe, Click&Clean add-ons developed by In this article, The extension has a lot of features and options, so it can be a bit confusing to use at first Click&Clean For  Opera. That’s why we’re going to walk you through setting up and using we will explore How to install extensions and add-ons to your Opera Browser below.

The next time you are asked to choose a browser, take a moment and consider the fact that Opera is one of the most underrated browsers in the world. Click&Clean extension is a very useful add-on all over the world. In the others world, opera is that it was Developed with some quality full features and extension examples Click&Clean. The best part about this Opera extension is that it’s free and easy to use.

Install Click&Clean extension for Opera

Opera is the top-ranking chromium Based web and mobile browser. You can every chromium Based extensions Install Opera web and mobile browsers. This is great news for users who use the desktop or mobile version of the popular internet browser, as they’ll all be able to enjoy it.  After that, here we will discuss Click&Clean extensions and all of them are Free Of Charge. Also read : Janvas – Online SVG Editor

Click&Clean Extension Features

Deletes typed URLs, Cache, Cookies, your Download, and Browsing History…instantly, with just 1-click on Click&Clean button! Click&Clean is an innovative and totally free solution for your PC, Mac or Chromebook, that will help you to:

– Scan your PC for Malware
– Delete your browsing history
– Remove download history
– Erase temporary files
– Clear cookies
– Empty cache
– Delete client-side Web SQL Databases
– Remove Flash Cookies (LSOs)
– Protect your privacy by cleaning up all traces of your internet activity
– Clean up your hard drives and free up more disk space.

This powerful solution enables you to do all that mentioned above instantly,
with one click on the TP roll icon in the Chrome toolbar.








– to open and manage the following extension services: “History Viewer”, “Cache Viewer”, “Cookie Wiper”, “Privacy Test”, “Forget this Page”, “Feedback”, required for the following features: “Securily Close Browser”, “Close All Tabs before Cleaning”, “Reload Active Tabs after Cleaning”, “Prevent Access to the Default History”.

– to remove browsing history, cache, cookies, local storage, etc.

– to display and remove browsing history.

– to display and remove cookies.

– to add “Forget this Page” feature to Google Chrome’s context menu.

– required for “History Viewer” to show favicons.

“http://*/*”, “https://*/*”:
– for “browsingData”, “history” and “cookies” APIs, otherwise extension can’t display and remove browsing data from all websites. Required for the following services: “Forget this Page”, “History Viewer”, “Cache Viewer”, “Cookie Wiper”, “Feedback” and related functionality.

Along with the updated and improved functionality you would expect from every new version, we have also included an assortment of new tools and services.
Click&Clean has always been more than a simple cleaner!

v.7.9 Release Notes:
☢ Added New Anti-Malware Database (by BitDefender Labs)
✔ Compatibility with the latest:
☯ Comodo Dragon 18.1.2
☯ Chrome Stable v18.0.1025, Beta v19.0.1084, Dev v20.0.1105, Canary v20.0.1111
+ Minor improvements and optimizations

v. Release Notes:
– Added Close All Tabs by Domain
– Added New Anti-Malware Database (by BitDefender Labs)
– Compatibility with the latest Chrome Stable v.17.0.963.46, Chrome Dev v.18.0.1025.7, Chrome Canary v.19.0.1036.0

v. Release Notes:
– Redesigned Options Page, Menu
– Added Cookie and Site Data Whitelist (Beta)
– Minor improvements. A lot of the changes are behind the scenes: code optimizations..

v. Release Notes:
– Added the new Import/Export options feature, New!
– Improved support for multiple Chrome Profiles
– Improved browsing data hot-cleaning (session)
– Added New Anti-Malware Database (by BitDefender Labs)
– Updated version checker, New!
– Compatibility with the latest Chrome Dev. v13.0.772.0 / Canary v13.0.781.0

v. Added:
– New Anti-Malware database
– Georgian – ქართული translation by Beqa Arabuli
– Bulgarian – Български translation by Stoiko Stoev
– Automatic deletion of ChromotingConfig file
– GCL code optimizations

v. Added:
– The New Click&Clean Logo/Icon!
– Ability to switch between languages without requiring browser restart
– New Anti-Malware database
– Ability to use,,, to shorten URLs
– Swedish – Svenska translation by Göran Malmberg
– Ukrainian – Українська translation by Dimko Rodyk
– Chinese Traditional Han – 中文 (繁體中文) translation by 漢語文化協會推廣部
– Portuguese – Português translation by Fabiano
– Minor improvements and fixes

v. Added:
– Automatic and instant notifications of updates
– Minor improvements and fixes
– Improved Japanese translation
– Compatibility with latest Chrome dev. v.11.0.672.2

v. Added:
– Redesigned Main Menu
– Working with multiple profiles simultaneously!
– New Anti-Malware database
– Delete Web indexed databases
– Delete sandboxed filesystem (Web)
– Delete application cache
– Delete Web application data
– Reset search engines
– Delete extensions indexed databases
– Delete sandboxed filesystem (Apps)
– Compatibility with latest Canary build. v.11.0.655.0
– Japanese translation by Tomato

v. Added:
– Improved cleaning process speed
– On/Off button to quick disable/enable functionality.
– Options Dialog (when Chrome closes) fully translated into all supported languages
– New Anti-Malware Database
– Compatibility with latest Chrome dev. v.10.0.612.1

v. Added:
– New Anti-Malware Database
– Improved Video History
– Redesigned Options & Main Menu
– Better support for Search Engines, GMail
– Clear saved form data/passwords split into two separate options
– Compatibility with latest Chrome dev. v.9.0.570.0

v. Added:
– Compatibility with latest Chrome Canary build 8.0.552.0
– New Anti-Malware Database
– Changes into the Clear Private Data during Browser session
– Clear browsing/download history split into two separate options

v. Added:
– New Anti-Malware Database
– Compatibility with latest Chrome dev. v.7.0.536
– Traduction Française par Cyril Courbe

v. Added:
– BitDefender Malware Scanner! (by BitDefender Labs)
– Quick Help – Clear Browsing Data Cheat Sheet
– URL shortening using
– Tab to Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE, Flock
– Redesiged Tab Menu
– Compatibility with latest Chrome dev. v.7.0.517.8
– Spanish translation by Juan Esteban Jimenez Valencia

v. – Small but nonetheless important fixes and changes were made.

v. Added:
– Ability to send/receive files to/from your phone or any bluetooth enabled device
– Tab > Share option to make sharing and bookmarking simple
– Many useful features like Tab > Whiten, Youtube > Expand…
– Easy access to Disk Cleanup, Disk Defragmenter, Malware Scaner…
– Compatibility with latest Chrome dev. v.6.0.495.0

v. Added:
– Delete Extension Cookies
– Reset Zoom Levels and stored domain names
– Reset Chrome Local State (CountryID, install date, DNS cache, launch count etc.)
– System info: OS, CPU, RAM, Video
– Quick access to Security Center and Task Manager
– Quick access to ImageShack service
– SQLite support
– Fixed: favicons deleted if “Clear browsing history” is checked.

v. Added:
– Ability to specify different options for Session / when Chrome closes
– Secure File Deletion (7 Pass)
– Compatibility with latest Chrome dev. v.6.0.447.0
– Remove Google Gears data
– Redesigned Tray icon
– Ability to set custom icon
– Polish translation by Monsz
– Hungarian translation by Zamiere

Click&Clean add-ons For opera Browser

If you want to boost the efficiency of your browser, then you can make use of Opera add-ons. Some of these extensions work with the latest versions of Opera browsers. Here are Click&Clean add-ons that can help you make browsing more productive and efficient. Next to the extension’s release, there is some good news for Opera’s developer community.

How To install Click&Clean For Opera Browser?

Fast Time open your Opera web browser to your computer.

  • Then tap to Opera (menu).
  • Then Tap to (extension) button Now open a new tab
  • Now Search Click&Clean extension
  • Then Tab To install button.

Wait a few minutes after installing your add-ons auto-add your Opera mobile and Web Browser. If you have any problem check your internet connection.

In conclusion, Opera has sort time gained popularity for every user. Because it uses chromium-based all extensions are supported. Click&Clean opera extensions provide you with a speedy and clear experience. If you have any problem with Click&Clean then Feel free to comment below in the comment box.


Price: Free

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