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JIRA Template Injector

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: Download the JIRA Template Injector extension for opera Browser add-ons store. JIRA Template Injector extension latest version 1.1.3 free Download and use it.



JIRA Template Injector extension Download for Opera

Firstly, the JIRA Template Injector extension is an attractive and very useful opera browser add-ons. Installing the JIRA Template Injector add-on only requires you to visit the dedicated section for the Opera extensions store. Also, JIRA Template Injector extension by rdbrck-extensions latest version 1.1.3 for opera browser Free Download and install now. Opera browser provides Open source add-ons code for every user.

JIRA Template Injector extension for opera

However, I have been using Different versions of opera for about 10 years. I can say that its many features. Opera extension is very helpful for customizing and developing every work. Also read: YouTube™ to MP3

JIRA Template Injector extension download

JIRA Template Injector extensions Features

**** JIRA pages MUST be reloaded after extension install ****

This extension automatically inserts a template of your choosing into the JIRA Create Issue Description field. The template injected is relative to the selected “Issue Type” within the Create Issue modal on JIRA.

On initial install a default list of templates are pre populated for you. These can easily be removed/restored at any time.

You can add templates individually, or bulk add them through a local or remote json file. See Support & FAQ for an example JSON file.


* Automatically select text between
<TI> and </TI> tags for quick template
* Template Priorities.
* Set a default template (DEFAULT
TEMPLATE) for all Issue Types.
* Individual Issue Types will override
the default.
* Templates are synced across devices.
* Configure once, use on all Opera
devices that support extensions!
* Reload default templates with one click.
* Load templates from url (json file).
Host a single json file and have everyone
use the same templates.
* Load templates from local file (json).
Easily share templates with other users.
* Add/Remove/Edit individual templates.
* Limit interface options
(To keep templates consistent across
* Current limit options are:
* “all” -> disable all interface actions
except reload default
* “url” -> disable loading of json
from url
* “file” -> disable loading of json
from local file
* “clear” -> disable clearing of
all templates
* “delete” -> disable deleting
single template
* “save” -> disable saving/updating
single template
* “add” -> disable add new template
* “add-custom” -> disable adding
custom template
* “add-default” -> disable adding
default template
* Export Templates to JSON file. Easily share
template JSON file.

In conclusion, It is Normally a Good idea to stick to the Opera Browser extension store. Whenever you have To download and install the extension on the opera add-ons web store. The Opera addons store generally works well. Moreover, The extension is guaranteed to be safe but on the rare occasion, the store may be down, or you’re restricted from using it,


Price: Free

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Emma Emily


Hello! My name is Emma Emily. I am an engineer and Blogger. I want to share my experience and important points that are needed when starting any Opera extension information

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Version: 1.1.3
File size: 518.1 KB
Language: English
Copyright: rdbrck-extensions


5/5 (1 ratings)

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