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Find The Circle reader extension for opera web and mobile Browser. Also, Circle reader add-ons 2.6.4 Latest version Free Download Opera Extensions store. Opera browser used by millions of people around the world.



Circle reader extension Download for Opera

Smart and high-speed web browsing; opera is ranked among the top browsers in the world. Although, Circle reader extension for opera many amazing features this unique web and mobile browser. Maybe, Circle reader add-ons developed by In this article, The extension has a lot of features and options, so it can be a bit confusing to use at first Circle reader For  Opera. That’s why we’re going to walk you through setting up and using we will explore How to install extensions and add-ons to your Opera Browser below.

The next time you are asked to choose a browser, take a moment and consider the fact that Opera is one of the most underrated browsers in the world. Circle reader extension is a very useful add-on all over the world. In the others world, opera is that it was Developed with some quality full features and extension examples Circle reader. The best part about this Opera extension is that it’s free and easy to use.

Install Circle reader extension for Opera

Opera is the top-ranking chromium Based web and mobile browser. You can every chromium Based extensions Install Opera web and mobile browsers. This is great news for users who use the desktop or mobile version of the popular internet browser, as they’ll all be able to enjoy it.  After that, here we will discuss Circle reader extensions and all of them are Free Of Charge. Read more: Edge Layout Manager

Circle reader Extension Features

Circle reader provides a more private, relaxed and comfortable reading experience
The best free reading assistant (reader mode) that enhances the web page reading experience.

Ads are too distracting, the colors are too ugly, the fonts are too small to see clearly, the typography is too messy to find the text, does it really need to be so difficult to read the web? With just one click, Circle gives you the purest reading experience, escorting you to better reading.

Circle reading assistant can extract the content of the webpage and rearrange the layout into a more suitable interface for reading. Using self-developed analysis engine and typesetting engine, the recognition effect and typesetting ability are smarter, faster and more friendly. If you are looking for a lightweight and intelligent reading aid product, you might as well try Circle Reading Assistant-the best reading aid of its kind!

The reading assistant browser extension Circle, which is more powerful than the Safari reading mode, is an extension and improvement of the browser’s own reading mode; it is the only magical tool for computers to read web pages, read novels, and watch news; it has shortcut key support, custom styles, Custom fonts, custom themes, automatic scrolling, automatic loading of the next page, reading aloud, article outline (outline), back to the top, reading by column, printing the formatted webpage in reading mode, supporting browser translation, etc. Reading auxiliary functions.

The self-developed analysis engine provides faster analysis and smarter analysis capabilities. The self-developed typesetting engine automatically blocks advertisements and noise on html, and says goodbye to the format escape. The Circle reading assistant browser extension developed by pure js has been launched on Google Chrome browser, Firefox browser, Edge browser, 360 browser, Opera browser, etc.

★ Several distinctive functions of Circle Reading Assistant:
➤ Self-developed recognition engine: With the help of self-developed recognition engine, Circle’s recognition effect is smarter and the recognition speed is faster.
➤ Self-developed typesetting engine: With the help of self-developed typesetting engine, Circle’s typesetting effect is more friendly and the typesetting speed is faster.
➤ Letter paper effect: a reading experience like reading a letter.
➤ Multi-page analysis: On a page with a link to the next page, the content of the next page is automatically parsed and displayed on the current page.
➤ Reading by column: Originally read the webpage by column, the welfare of large-screen users, without wasting every inch of screen space.
➤ Read aloud: Tired of reading? Why not try the content! Free your hands to do other things. With the help of “multi-page analysis”, what kind of bicycle is needed for listening to novels?
➤ Preset 5 colorful themes: simple white, eye-protecting green, elegant dark gray, and deep dark. Circle has always been what you like.
➤ Custom gradient background or picture background: The preset theme is not on your aesthetic point? It’s ok! Customize themes as you splash ink.
➤ Customize various styles: Just reading is not possible, I have the final say on the style of the web page! The font size is bigger, the font is thicker, and the line spacing is higher. Circle does everything for you to read.
➤ Follow the system to switch themes: only support custom themes? nonexistent. How about switching different themes at different times? .
➤ Custom css: You don’t have the effect I want, you are awesome ugly! Customize css to help you, understand that css Circle is your person.

More details 👉🏻

★ Keep abreast of the trends of Circle’s reading assistant
➤ Subscription account 👉🏻 Senior Ranhe
➤ Weibo 👉🏻
➤ Know almost 👉🏻

★ Description of required permissions
➤ contextMenus: Use this permission to implement the right-click menu module, you can quickly access the function of Circle in the right-click menu
➤ <all_urls>: This permission allows Circle to access webpages, thereby realizing the recognition and layout of webpage content, as well as access to screenshots and exporting as pictures and other functions

★ Help support
➤ See FAQ 👉🏻
➤ Suggestions and bug feedback 👉🏻

★ Contact and discussion
➤ Contact me by email 👉🏻 [email protected]
➤ QQ discussion group 👉🏻 605710052

If you approve of my work, please have a cup of coffee to show encouragement and support 👉🏻

The source code is hosted on github 👉🏻

Installing Circle means you accept our user agreement ( and privacy policy (

Circle reader add-ons For opera Browser

If you want to boost the efficiency of your browser, then you can make use of Opera add-ons. Some of these extensions work with the latest versions of Opera browsers. Here are Circle reader add-ons that can help you make browsing more productive and efficient. Next to the extension’s release, there is some good news for Opera’s developer community.

How To install Circle reader For Opera Browser?

Fast Time open your Opera web browser to your computer.

  • Then tap to Opera (menu).
  • Then Tap to (extension) button Now open a new tab
  • Now Search Circle reader extension
  • Then Tab To install button.

Wait a few minutes after installing your add-ons auto-add your Opera mobile and Web Browser. If you have any problem check your internet connection.

In conclusion, Opera has sort time gained popularity for every user. Because it uses chromium-based all extensions are supported. Circle reader opera extensions provide you with a speedy and clear experience. If you have any problem with Circle reader then Feel free to comment below in the comment box.


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