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By loorisvalf

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Download the ZIP Reader extension for opera Browser add-ons store. ZIP Reader extension latest version 0.1.2 free Download and use it.



ZIP Reader extension Download for Opera

Firstly, the ZIP Reader extension is an attractive and very useful opera browser add-ons. Installing the ZIP Reader add-on only requires you to visit the dedicated section for the Opera extensions store. Also, ZIP Reader extension latest version 0.1.2 for opera browser Free Download and install now. Opera browser provides Open source add-ons code for every user.

ZIP Reader extension for opera

However, I have been using Different versions of opera for about 10 years. I can say that its many features. Opera extension is very helpful for customizing and developing every work. Also read: Facebook Messenger extension

ZIP Reader extension download

ZIP Reader extensions Features

ZIP Reader is an add-on that help you easily unzip a compressed file.

Simply drag & drop a zipped file to a designated area in the app UI (top section). All the zip content will be listed in the UI. You can download each individual file by clicking on it or download all files to single folder.

Note #1: this add-on is only designed for “reading” a ZIP file. For the inverse operation (zip a folder), you need to use a different application. There is also a reload button at the top left corner in the app UI. Clicking on this button will reload the app. If you want to extract multiple zip files, please do this one by one. It is also recommended to reload the UI after each unzip operation.

Note #2: this add-on is using an open-source JavaScript library for the unzip operation. You can get more info about this library at here:

If you see any bug, or have a feature request in mind, please fill the bug report form in the add-on’s homepage (

In conclusion, It is Normally a Good idea to stick to the Opera Browser extension store. Whenever you have To download and install the extension on the opera add-ons web store. The Opera addons store generally works well. Moreover, The extension is guaranteed to be safe but on the rare occasion, the store may be down, or you’re restricted from using it.

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Version: 0.1.2
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Language: English (United States)
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5/5 (1 ratings)

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